Coming from a family of makers and creators the name LesleyMacMakes is a nod towards her tailor and linen producing grandfathers.

Retiring from a long and happy nursing career, Lesley was soon looking to her crafting skills to fill her days. Starting in the garden shed and finally with encouragement from family and friends biting the bullet and opening her own small shop/studio where she spends her days creating and teaching.

Designing and making her own products, primarily in Harris Tweed®️ with accents of Liberty and Linen Lesley’s products are customer focused, beautifully made and of high quality.

Working on small batch production from cushions and lampshades to footstools….. Handbags and purses to wallets…..Aprons, bread-bags and other kitchen textiles.
Lesley creates bespoke pieces for the Baker, the Maker, the Notetaker, the Homemaker…..and everyone in between.

Harris Tweed - a Little bit of History

Clo Mor:   Gaelic for ‘Big Cloth’ (Harris Tweed®️).  It is the only fabric in the world governed by its own act of Parliament…..An act of Parliament in 1993 brought into being the ‘The Harris Tweed Authority”. In accordance with the act, the cloth must be Hand Woven, Finished, and made from Pure Virgin Wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

The mark of the Orb found on the labels of products made from Harris Tweed®️ guarantees the quality of the tweed.

Caring for your Harris Tweed®️;  Tweed contains lanolin making it resistant to stains, but should an accident occur a gentle rub of the stain with a liquid detergent for wool should be safe to do, we don’t recommend powder detergent… gently and with caution, rinse with fresh water and pat dry… do not saturate the fabric…leave to dry naturally away from direct heat and sunlight.

Why Choose LesleyMacMakes

Beautifully made one offs! Love my Harris Tweed bag with waxed cotton base….

Perfect for Scottish weather!